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Classification schedule




  • Athletes must arrive at the classification venue at least 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled
    ​evaluation session.
  • Due to the high classification needs only Athletes with Sport Class Status (submitted MDF 4 weeks
    before classification Evaluation) have been allocated a classification Evaluation Slot.
  • The times are set to accommodate Athletes who require classification travelling from Corridonia
    therefore no requests to change the date or time of an evaluation session will be accepted.

    Athletes who did not submit MDF and those who do not attend their evaluation session at the
    scheduled time will not be eligible to compete.

Location: Holiday Club Vayamundo, Official Hotel.


Classification on 13.05.2019

Time Panel Country Full Name Gender UCI ID Sport
Status Notes
08:30   GBR TOWNSEND Joseph M 10019380277       H4      N  
    BEL HOSSELET Catheline W 10089809149 C5 N  
09:00   GBR VAN GASS Jaco M 10009368867 C4 R  
    BEL VAN LOOY Christophe M 10055886633 H3 N  
10:00   GBR TAYLOR Ryan  M 10093387540 C2 N  
    BEL FREDRIKSSON Bjorn M 10062802733 C2 FRD2019  
10:30   GBR PRICE Simon M 10008436556 C2 R  
    BEL THOMANNE Thibaud M 10080285365 C2 FRD2019  
11:10   GBR ROBERTSON Matthew  M 10023929072 C2 FRD2019  
    BEL KRIECKEMANS Dirk M 10091467647 T2 N  
11:40    GBR STONE David  M 10008440903 T2 R  
    BEL CLINCKE Louis M 10080303856 C4 FRD2019  
12:10   GBR JONES Luke  M 10018766551 H3 FRD2019  
    GBR MURPHY David M 10019315310 C5 FRD2018  
12:40  Lunch
13:40    CZE KOVAR Pavel  M 10063464757 H1 N  
    NED DE VAAN Laura W 10008465858 NE    
14:10   NOR TANGEN Suzanna W 10062820820 H4 FRD2019  
    NED VAN DEN BROEK Andrea W 10093581035 C2 N  
14:40    NZL MCCALLUM Hamish  M 10082591541 C3 N  
    NED ALBERS Chiel  M 10053197309 H4 N  
15:10   NZ MEAD Rory M 10059646795 H2 FRD2019  
    NED HELWEG Melanie M 10057470460 H4 R  
15:40    NZL MALZBENDER Eltje W 10022153063 T2 R  
    RSA PARKIN Charl  M 10089809957 C1 N  
16:10      Tea Break          
16:20   SUI FANKHAUSER Nick M 10055482566 H3 N  
    SWE ÅBERG Martin M 10022566426 T2 FRD2019  
16:50   JPN FUKUI Kazuha M 10083071689 T2 N